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What is Alliance Finance

Alliance Financial Services Limited (AFSL) was established in 2001 with its registered office in Dhaka. It was licensed as a Merchant Bank by Securities & Exchange Commission and commenced operation in 2002 with limited focus on corporate advisory services. The Company has been restructured in early 2008 and the main focus has been shifted to the core merchant banking activities to cater to the fast growing demand of the Bangladesh capital market. It is now run by a team of professionals under leadership of a highly experienced and leading personality in the field.

Alliance Finance is committed to be your first choice for Capital Market Services by providing responsive solutions that need exceptionally personalized and caring service. It focuses on long-term client relationship and quality of service by ensuring the highest level of integrity and objectivity to its clients.

AFSL’s commitment to be a resourceful merchant bank reflected in its appreciable performance over the period. It is an organization that combines the strength of solid experience in traditional merchant banking with an unparalleled ability for innovation.


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